For over ten years I have been specialising in writing treatments for commercial film pitches, helping win countless pitches for my clients.

Here are some samples of my work:

Er ist fröhlich und lacht gerne mit Freunden oder Kindern. Er ist für verrückte und alberne Ideen zu haben. Mehr als das: Bevor die verrückte Idee überhaupt aufkommt, ist er meistens schon im See... 
Halbe Sachen? Zurückhaltung? Second Thoughts? Fehlanzeige. 

Here is an overview of some of the brands I have worked for - selecting only those pitches I know my clients went on to win.

If you want to hire me to write your treatment, please contact my agency:


Commercials, documentaries, institutional and corporate film projects

Fiction work

Screenplays, Radioplays

Kurd Lasswitz Award / 

Screen Plays


I also do translation work in my specific field: Screenplays, other fiction genres like graphic novels or radioplays. Film concepts, creative treatments, sales or pitch presentations.

I translate from and to Spanish, English and German.

Please do not contact me for other types of translation work.

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